Marketing Potential of LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional market-oriented website that is specifically designed to help business and career professionals to connect. It is a social media marketing platform that enables over 100 millions of professionals to acquire resources, support, and build successful business relationships with partners, customers, and clients. LinkedIn is geared towards fostering strategic relationships, and it is perfect for company or business owners, students, freelancers, and anyone else who is interested in building their business or careers from every industry around the world.   

LinkedIn Marketing Automation Software that Uses Proxies

Several software brands can manage your LinkedIn account tasks at hand such as:

  1. Hootsuite: This software can help stream the different sections of your LinkedIn feeds in a single place. You can interact with those that have liked your comments and also network. It lets you schedule and automate your updates; the home page stream shows you the potential connections, whereas the updates streams show you what you posted and how the comments look like. It saves you time as you can view all these in one place. 
  2. Zopto: It is a Bots, full automation, cloud-based software for LinkedIn marketing and outreach activities. It helps in both the profile view and connection invites. The LinkedIn users will be informed of the users who viewed their accounts; this may make them view your profile. By viewing your profile, the users will see the products you deal with and they might be interested in them.
  3. LeadConnect is another bot, full automation software, to help your LinkedIn account make sales at ease. The software targets the audience who make similar searches and helps in linking them with your products; hence, making sales to your LinkedIn account. The bot will also help you to filter your contacts depending on the connections you want.

High-Quality LinkedIn Proxies to Administer These Accounts 

LinkedIn Proxies


  • Are personal servers; hence, convenient in terms of the time of use, better connectivity, and reliability.
  • Offer safer data handling than free proxies
  • Provide stable data traffic and run round the clock. 


  • Only used by interested users subscribed to the service 
  • Users are granted access to the proxy servers on payment 
  • Are personalized proxies; used by one user only 

Free proxies 


  • Free to use; no fees paid to hide the identity of the internet user.
  • Can be used by anyone at any given time
  • Are easily available 


  • Offer minimal or no encryption to important personal and confidential data
  • Are prone to cyber attack, malware, or poor server configuration; result in stealing, manipulation of data   
  • Are not reliable; can crash or disappear