The marketing potential of Facebook: Facebook is the new arena for marketers with a huge user base of 2.3 billion people among which 1.37 billion are daily active users. It has become a spot for lots of people to come and socialize every day.

Hence, being on Facebook is a very crucial aspect for the success of businesses. It is a great way to engage customers and update them with the new and interesting events happening in our business peripherals.

As per Morpace, a market research firm in U.S. People spend 1 of every 3 minutes of their internet surfing on Facebook. Especially the younger generation in the age group of 18 to 34 years, spent almost 8.5 hours per week out of total 22.4 hours spent online. Also, the older age group above 55 years spend around 4.6 hours per week on this social media giant. 

The user base of Facebook is diverse demographically as well as culturally, with Asians being the most frequent users with around 40% of their online time spent on Facebook. And, are followed by African Americans who spend around 35%, and Hispanics with 31.7%.

Facebook As A Marketing Platform

The beauty of this place as a medium to reach customers, just don’t come from the diversity in their user base. But, also from the features, it provides to enable businesses to market themselves effectively in front of their customers globally.

Facebook social plugins are great tools to divert traffic and provide an opportunity to create a whole Ecommerce setup for businesses. Out of the businesses who are marketing themselves on Facebook, 26% of businesses desire to create a whole Ecommerce setup using Facebook, on the other hand, 67% of them identify Facebook as the crucial source to divert traffic to their sites.

There is no major player across industries, who are not trying to connect to their prospects using Facebook. Brands like Harley Davidson and Nutella are some of the examples of international brands who are using Facebook to market themselves and engage customers.

Marketing Benefits Of Facebook

Not only commercial businesses but many Non- profit organizations are utilizing Facebook to leave their impression on their customers. Irrespective of business intentions, companies are using Facebook to fulfill a variety of goals, such as:

  • Creating awareness among the customers towards the brand and repeating the message in front of their customers, to enable top of the mind recall, by using highly targeted Facebook Ads. They’re getting to know what their customers want by having daily conversations with them.
  • Launching new products and services by using Facebook live features and marketing as well as promoting the same by using their Facebook fan pages.
  • Facebook is proving to be a great medium to convert sales by providing the latest information regarding discounts, sales, loyalty program, and coupons, to the targeted audience of the businesses.
  • By using features like Facebook live and videos, businesses are successfully engaging customers and maintaining an awesome relationship with them. These emotional linkages are proving to be highly fruitful for their overall revenues.

Market On Facebook For Free?

The best thing about marketing on Facebook is that we can market our products for zero cost. We can just upload the pictures of our business that too in any way we want, and if our customers like it, we can gain awareness through organic reach.

Apart from this, we can also boost our posts and stories which can expose our business to a highly targeted and diverse audience. Also, if we compare the cost of Facebook Ads, they are very cheap as compared to the traditional marketing channels, and are multiple times more targeted than the traditional ones.

Insights from Facebook

This is a new feature from Facebook, which helps the clients to monitor the results of their Facebook campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Facebook insights provide us information like likes on our page and posts, the reach of our marketing efforts, the level of engagement of our posts with our targeted customers, and performance of the post.

These valuable insights can help us identify patterns and posts who are doing good, and those who are not. Facebook insights are a great help to create efficient and effective marketing campaigns on Facebook, with highly targeted advertisements to our targeted customers across the globe.

Observing the Competitor

Facebook also provides an awesome feature for businesses to observe their competitors. We cannot see the in-depth performance of our competitors, which can create trust issues with Facebook.

But Facebook let its users, to have a look at the number of likes their competitors are getting. This can help a lot when we are deducing our own Facebook marketing strategy. The type of content which is doing a nice job for the competitors, can also guide us to create our engaging content and interact with our customers.

Along with the number of likes, Facebook also provides us the percentage increment in the number of likes other pages are getting, a high jump in the percentage of likes will indicate, that there is something on that page, which is getting lots of attention from the customers.

Facebook Automation Tools 

Facebook automation tools are a great boon for marketers and can enable us to reach a larger highly targeted audience. These tools can easily suggest us places such as Facebook groups where we need to be to find the same-minded people.

These tools automate the group joining process by sending auto joining requests and also send scheduled auto invites to our friends and family.

Even Facebook provides features to schedule our posts, but if we are planning to release bulk content that too on various social media platforms Facebook automation tools are of great help.

We can select the groups, fan pages, direct messages where we want to send the content and schedule it to any time we want, a great feature for marketing campaigns spreading to multiple time zones.

Facebook automation tools are designed to automatically identify our niche, share and reshare our content in front of a bigger audience, that too without any money being spent on Facebook Ads and boosting posts.

With the help of Facebook automation tools, we can effectively streamline our Facebook marketing campaign, across multiple fronts, in front of a highly targeted audience and across multiple geographies of the world.

How Automation Tools Can Maximize Your Marketing Efficiency

Facebook automation tools go in-depth and accelerate the impact and results of our Facebook marketing efforts by doing tasks like:

  • We can leave comments and auto-replies on our posts across various platforms together and easily engage with our customers.
  • These tools enable us sharing statuses, images, videos, polls, live, etc. across our multiple Facebook accounts.
  • Inviting our friends and fans to join us at any upcoming events, these invitations can be customized as per the geography and the location of the events we want them to attend.
  • We can automate the process of accepting friend requests, joining requests by our friends, family, followers, potential customers, and fans.

Below are some of the examples of Facebook automation tools we can find around:

Sprout Social

This is a paid Facebook automation tool and can help us in managing multiple Facebook pages, also it supports Facebook proxy and can help in managing Facebook pages without any hiccups.

This tool helps in drafting posts for multiple pages, which can be scheduled for future dates to publish. We can create a queue, attach multimedia contents such as images, videos, etc. and when the scheduled time will come, the tool will publish the content on your Facebook pages.

With the content calendar feature, we can manage content on multiple social media platforms, that too with multiple people involved in creating diverse marketing content. We can assign permissions to the team members based on hierarchy and can exercise greater control over our marketing campaign.

Sprout Social is also equipped with Facebook insights feature. Hence, it can enable everything, including content creation, scheduling, publishing, management, and evaluation at one place only. This can help in better coordination and monitoring of the marketing efforts in one place.

You can try this with their 30-day trial period offer and choose on your own, in case you don’t like there many such tools in the market.


If you are not willing to share your credentials details, you can use SocialOomph as well. Though it is a paid Facebook automation tool, which supports Facebook proxy, the better part is you can use the Facebook Connect feature to add your page or account.

This adds an extra layer of security in your Facebook Business infrastructure. It is always preferable to stay safe. Isn’t it? Apart from that, it has many features at par with good facebook automation tools in the market.

You can schedule your posts to the later date and create queues for different social media platforms, you can generate faster content, check the performance of your across social media platforms.


This Facebook automation tool is available in both paid and unpaid versions. And, can be a good fit for businesses who are new to the concept of Facebook Marketing. It has a mobile application so it is easier for you to monitor and update your pages on the go.

But you can do a lot with the free version too. 

You can search around on the internet and can select any of the Facebook automation tools, we intend to keep you more informed while you are making that decision. It is better to check out all the features offered by Facebook automation tools before getting into the paid version.

These are one-time decisions. We should consider all options.  

Time to stop wondering “How does Facebook knows if you have multiple accounts?”, and get into it professionally with an efficient Facebook automation tool, and use Facebook proxies to create a Facebook business network.

Pros and Cons of Free and Paid Facebook Proxies

You can go for various Facebook proxies free or paid versions, but we have to keep in mind the different aspects related to managing a Facebook automation tool through them.  

Sometimes, Https certificate is absent in many of the free Facebook proxies. Hence, while selecting between either version you do have to look at the features available and absent in product.

Also, free proxies are used by many malicious activists as well, Hence, using paid proxies can be a better idea to keep ourselves safe from the cyber risks. Don’t we want to keep our Facebook marketing Campaign safe from any threats?

Free Facebook proxy software’s are run through advertisement revenue, so you can expect a few banners creeping up here and there on your screen, any time. Which can be an irritating factor as well. 

Better choose wisely.


Facebook provides us the opportunity to market our products and services to billions of people across the globe, that too to a very targeted audience. Facebook wants to encourage businesses to use their platform and grow globally.

It provides plenty of features to help out businesses to run and monitor their Facebook marketing campaigns. Also, we can use Facebook automation tools to step up our marketing efforts to a higher number of engagements and social platforms.

With the help of Facebook proxies, we can easily create a strong foundation to run our Facebook Marketing Campaign plans. We can manage multiple pages across multiple social media platforms and continuously engage with our customers and stay connected with them.

We can switch from free to paid version as and whenever we need to, but the ultimate aim is to reach as many people as we should, and more.