There are so many social media networks out there on the web. Among different social media platforms, choosing the right one can be a bit tough. You can select the social media networks depending on your business type.

As different networks have a different type of audience, you can understand your target audience and then find out the right social media network.

Among various social media networks, Twitter is a popular one. With such a huge number of active users, this platform can be a great way to gain clients or customers for your business. Let’s understand the marketing potential of this platform first:

Marketing Potential of Twitter

You can leverage other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., but Twitter can be also a great platform when it comes to marketing the business.

At present, marketers and influencers have started seeing a decline in their organic reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If we talk about Twitter, it has a good organic reach. If you want to market your business on this platform, you can use various techniques to reach more audience and gain response. Here are some ways through which you can build an organic audience on Twitter:


Hashtags are considered as the best way to gain followers and engagement on this platform organically and fast. It is best the way through which your content will be reached to the mass audience. For example, if a particular hashtag is trending, you can create content around that topic sharing your opinion. This way, you can gain better engagement.

Use of images and videos

No matter what social media platform it is the use of images and videos mostly outrank text-based content. You can create images and videos within your business niche and publish them as per the content schedule.

Twitter Ad campaign

If you don’t want to spend a long time consistently publishing the content and then gaining engagement, it is a great idea to run a Twitter advertisement campaign. This is the fastest way to reach your target audience on this platform. This method is not suitable for businesses with a tight ad budget.

Check DMs regularly

When you start publishing the content on this platform consistently, you start gaining engagement and messages from different Twitter accounts. You need to regularly check your direct messages and respond to them. The chances are you may find an opportunity for your business there.

In short, Twitter is a great social media platform for marketing the business.

Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts Would Require the Use of Twitter Proxy

If you are a freelancer, you would have to create and manage multiple Twitter accounts for your different clients. Or, you may be the company that wants to create multiple accounts for different kinds of products or services. In this situation, there will be a requirement of a Twitter proxy.

You can manage more than one Twitter account easily with the use of Twitter proxies. This is essential because of the policies of Twitter. Not using proxies may lead to a ban on all the accounts. With the help of good quality Twitter automation bot, you can create and manage numerous accounts without having to worry about the account ban.

If you want to get the most out of this social networking site, using just one Twitter account would not be enough. Twitter catches you when you do this without using any proxy as you will be creating the account with just a single IP address. Except for proxy, you also have the option to create tons of Twitter accounts with the use of Wi-Fi signals. The problem with this approach is it is really time-consuming.

Quality Twitter Proxy

Using a quality proxy, you can even create Twitter accounts with the focus on a particular country. As compared to other ways of creating & managing multiple accounts on Twitter, using some Twitter automation tools and managing multiple accounts is the best approach and consumes almost no time. Here are some major benefits of using proxies:

Avoids getting banned

One of the major reasons why you should be using a Twitter proxy is to avoid getting banned from Twitter for creating multiple accounts.

Easy management

Using a good-quality proxy, the management of multiple accounts gets easy. You can see and manage all your different accounts in one place.


Proxies don’t just help you hide your identity and IP address, they also automate your various tasks. When you have so many Twitter accounts, you want to automate as many tasks as possible, to save time. You can create automatically create multiple accounts, tweet out messages, etc.

Twitter Automation Tools That Use Twitter Proxy

Here are some of the popular Twitter automation tools that use proxies:


Jarvee is the Twitter marketing automation tool which can help you create multiple accounts and also to automate your different tasks on this platform. It is more than just creating numerous Twitter accounts. Here you can do posts scheduling, auto follows, auto unfollow, Twitter mention, auto follow-back, auto retweet, auto hashtags, automatic favorite, and much more.

Apart from this, it also allows you to send direct messages to your targeted users and auto send canned replies. Just like any other great Twitter marketing tool, the motive of Jarvee is also to help businesses and influencers do marketing on this platform. This way, you can manage multiple accounts and automate everything.


Somiibo is another Twitter marketing tool designed to make the marketing on this platform easier. The two best things about this tool are speed and safety. Using this tool, you can automate various tasks and get them done speedily. And when it comes to safety, you do not have to worry about anything.

It uses browser-trusted user-input events, which makes Twitter think the accounts created are actually real unique users. If your goal is to earn likes, comments, follows, retweets, etc., then this tool can help you achieve that with great speed. If you want to publish a particular piece of content on multiple accounts, without having to worry about publishing manually, you can schedule it through Somiibo. You just have to schedule the content on the account(s) in which you want to publish, the tool will automatically do that for you.


Another Twitter automation proxy tool in our list is TSupremacy. This is another tool designed to create multiple Twitter accounts for you and automate all your tasks on this platform. The objective of this tool is to make Twitter marketing easy.

Using this tool, you can create numerous Twitter accounts, and automate tweets, retweets, likes, follows, comments, content publishing, and do much more. The advanced features of this tool are automating follow search, follow back, follow list, unfollow, etc. With this tool, your real IP address would be hidden so that you can stay anonymous and avoid getting your accounts banned from Twitter.

Final Thoughts

With the increase in the number of active users on Twitter, it can be a great platform for business owners for marketing. With a single account, you should not expect to get huge growth. This is when the role of Twitter proxies and account automation comes in. 

With the use of a good Twitter automation tool that uses proxies, you can build an organic audience and promote your business.