As a huge number of people are turning towards the internet and online platforms for their businesses and startups, the saturation on these search engines has multiplied over the last few years. This is really a beneficial thing as well as a problem for business owners and startups.

Having a lot of people on one platform increases the competition to a great extent. The prices have to be more competitive and the customers have to be taken cared of a lot more than before, because they have many other choices.

However, the positive thing about many people being in one place is you can target a lot of people in your marketing campaigns and turn a lot of them into your customers if you convince them to buy your product.

Then comes the customer retention phase that is totally dependent upon the quality of your product or service and your dealing with the customer.

Brick and Mortar Evolving to Online Businesses

Today, almost every kind of business has a webpage or somehow an entity on the internet. People from all walks of life are present on the internet in some form. They are either using the search engines for finding answers to their questions or using social media platforms for entertainment or socializing.

Multiple platforms have been introduced that are objective oriented and this saves a lot of time. If someone wants to have fun they can simply go to the respective social media platform. If someone’s looking for a platform where they can meet new people from their field, LinkedIn is the answer.

Search Engine Platforms

All of the marketing campaigns are targeted and result in success if right research and platform is used. Google and Bing are some of the platforms that everybody uses no matter who they are and where they live. Every day, multiple ads are being generated with hyperlinks in them that lead the viewers to the payment page. These ads have a higher retention rate than before because the ads are now sophisticated, informative and manipulative. There are blog sections in online stores which when read, convince you that you need that particular product. Most of the times, the product being talked about is really helpful and hence we feel like buying it because of some specific need that it might fulfill.

The algorithm of Google ranks some websites higher into the search results and hence they get more exposure. This leads to having a higher number of customers. Search engine optimization has been started in order to get the blog, websites and other Platforms, rank higher in the Google search results.

This process includes adding backlinks and keywords in the text on the website, which Google would register during crawling and rank the website higher. These keywords are found after a lot of research and then placed perfectly in the text so that they don’t seem to be forced. This might damage the website’s reputation and rank it down.

SEO Campaigns Require SEO Proxy

The use of proxies is really important in any SEO campaign. Multiple searches include a lot of requests to be sent to different websites. This can be detected and somehow get your IP banned from the website. However, with the use of proxy servers, you won’t be banned from any website as every request is being sent from a different IP address.

There are different types of proxy servers that are available in the market. The first one is a free proxy server that anyone can access. These servers are open for everyone and free of cost. They are functional but have a load of users on them all the time hence they slow down a lot. They will take a lot of time to load and complete the keyword research.

Free SEO Proxy

Another downside of using a free proxy server is, that most of the websites have banned free proxy servers because of a huge number of requests sent per unit time. You will have to wait every now and then to get unbanned from a website so you can continue your work. All in all it would be a great mess and this is the only cost that you will have to pay while using a free proxy server.

Paid SEO Proxy

A paid proxy is quite different from a free proxy server. There are two kinds of paid proxy servers, namely shared and private proxy servers. Both of them are quite reliable and effective in research and SEO campaigns.

A paid proxy server is better than the free proxy server because it is not crowded with unnecessary people. You will be the only one using that server and hence there will be no unforeseen issues. Your research will finish in less time and you will get quality results. You will be able to scrape different websites with the tools and generate a greater archive of backlinks. Moreover, you won’t be blocked from any websites because the number of requests sent by one user cannot exceed the limited requests of a website. Even if it does, you will be notified beforehand so you can be vigilant about this.

Usages of SEO Proxy

A proxy is also needed for tracking the performance of backlinks and overall SEO campaign.

Managing multiple social media accounts for scraping information is another use of the proxy servers that is related to SEO. Creating backlinks temporarily also needs a proxy integrated into the SEO software.

There are multiple SEO software that have proxy servers integrated in them. The proxy server offers a wide range of functions and hence is an important part of an SEO campaign and tools.

GSA proxy scraper is a powerful tool that can be used to scrape thousands of proxies in no time. This software also uses proxy servers for functioning.

Another widely used software, Senuke, uses a proxy for its functioning. It has more than hundred thousand proxies integrated so that people from all over the world can be targeted.

Scrapebox is known as the Swiss army knife of the SEO. This is because of the multiple functions it has. This software also uses proxy as a base for many functions. It gathers the list of words and links that are related to the niche you’re working in. Doing a worldwide research requires proxy servers, hence this software comes with inbuilt proxies that can also be integrated from third party providers.

Benefits of Using SEO Proxy

All in all, proxy servers hold immense importance in the world of SEO. All of the major ecommerce giants use these tools with proxies either integrated in them or separately attached. A proxy server has various uses that make it highly important in the SEO campaign. From world wide research to a huge number of requests being sent, proxy servers perform a lot of jobs and hence their importance cannot be neglected.

Each and every business of ours is shifting online and hence a huge amount of investments are being made every day. People invest in making websites and online stores. Blogs and contents are being uploaded at a fast pace. In this ruthless competition, proxies are a tool that you can use to enhance your tasks and achieve all your objectives in a shorter amount of time. All in all, a proxy server is an investment that every online businessman needs to make.

Choosing a proxy should be solely based upon the reputation of the service provider. Free proxies should never be opted if you’re looking to establish an online business. It can damage your reputation and might cause financial losses to you.  Do your research and find a proxy service that suits your needs.